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You are probably wondering "Who is this BeethaBawse" and "what makes her even think she's worthy of such a title..."

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Where it all started...


I'm just a regular old girl from Gulfport, MS by way of two parents from Hueytown, AL. Born in Biloxi, MS, I was destined to be just as free as the gulf. My path was prayed for by a steadfast mother  and set out for me straight and narrow BUT of course as soon as I was old enough to go astray, nothing was more appealing. From a little girl in kindergarten I proclaimed to be a "baby" doctor (I have the pictures to prove it) and I began to exhibit academic excellence; however, that was my only option lol. I ended up skipping the 5th grade due to my advanced academic skills and not shortly after is when I realized that that was about the ONLY thing I was advanced in. I began to experience bullying, get this, because my hair was LONG. My mom would make me keep hair braided like Pocahontas's to prevent any mischief or damage while at school. My clothes were all mother approved and I was smart, so I was like the easiest target for the class clowns and bullies! If that wasn't enough, I didn't act black enough, my lips were too big, I didn't have a butt or boobs. Moral of the story... I wasn't enough of anything to THEM, I believed it.  I went on to play the clarinet and cheer... so you can guess which one brought me the attention I did NOT need. By this time, my hair was long, hanging down, and I'm twisting my narrow behind in my cheer uniform around the school every chance I get. Let's just say a little fame, the wrong attention, and for damn sure the wrong people led to a series of unfortunate events. My self esteem was still LOW but I (and my mother) were unaware. Fast forward to high school times. Between Gulfport High School and Pass Christian High School, I made my mark with a sassy attitude, cute clothes, broken friendships, and a cute boy close by to keep my image going. Still, I didn't quite fit in. Well here comes hurricane Katrina, hating out my good grades and social life. So, mom, being from greater Birmingham, AL deciding to relocate closer to her roots following the events caused by Katrina. I was DEVASTATED. Who the HELL wants to leave their friends & life behind to start over somewhere that doesn't even have a beach... hell we didn't have a home. LITTLE did I know she was probably saving my life (she tends to do that from time to time). Oh, my dad was definitely present but he was deployed in Iraq at this time so he just wanted his family safe. More unfortunate events and rebellion came from all of this unwanted change. The once scholar was half assing her way right out of the full ride to a college education. Of course, I graduated, I got a partial scholarship to UAH in Huntsville and decided I'd do ROTC to save my parents pockets and my future loan debts. Remember when I said I skipped a grade? Well I graduated a high school senior at 17 (and I wouldn't be 18 until October of my freshman year) so there was no senior trips, no parties (well not that my parents knew about lol). To say I got to college and took FULL advantage of my freedom would be an understatement.  My ass didn't even last the full year. Well, I was given the option, and I chose to come home. I begged to just be mediocre but my mom made me attend a community college that spring and I am pretty sure I dropped every class. I am so shocked I didn't die then in 2009. Any who, back to that dream of being a baby doctor... I changed that to a "kid" nurse at this point and my mom was fed up with my nonchalant take on my future so I did some applications and next thing you know I am living in Tuscaloosa making more mistakes while I completed the LPN program. I did that a semester behind, because remember I was making mistakes lol... worked, then moved to Montgomery,AL for my first full time nursing gig. Well I accidentally met what ended up being the love of my life but we can revisit that later. In that year, (again my mom was not here for mediocrity) I was encouraged to go back to school for my RN degree, not motivated at all, I attempted to begin the program at Troy Montgomery... that lasted an entire week. At this point I had bills to pay and I had a decent starter career and I convinced myself working for the moment was all I needed to do. Of course, here my mom comes saving my life again. Reluctantly I moved home, didn't work for 2 years, and completed my RN program , surprisingly with no hiccups (failed classes). I lost my  2 best friends, my granny (to stage IV lung cancer) and my boyfriend  (the love of my life mentioned earlier, well I lost him due to immaturity)... only one of those were my choice. I persevered, moved to GA, made MORE   mistakes and learned a ton of lessons. Got the love of my life back... decided to break up again (I know, I'm pretty dumb to keep giving up the love of my life, RIGHT?). Well, in the midst of all of that, that "baby" doctor childhood vision reappeared in the opportunity of a NICU nurse... a dream deferred (and modified a bit) became my reality. So here I am, an educated, tattooed, gainfully employed, regular old girl from Gulfport, MS . . .creating loungewear and a blog to share the lessons I have learned thus far in my crazy lifestyle!

The REAL me...


  • So I've heard so many things about myself (good, bad, amazing), but I guess I'll give you my spin on things. Here we go, I am a super passionate, overly emotional, ambitious, partially irresponsible girl who's still figuring shit out (excuse my language, or not). To those who know me well (I mean really know me and not known of me forever) usually thank me for my honesty, my genuine heart, my concern and compassion for all the things that have absolutely no benefit in my life and make them happy. I am super super super funny and free around those that I trust. I have a temper but I'm the SWEETEST person if you allow me to be. I am an open book (that's a gift and a curse) but also a closed diary for those who need it. I am a HUGE supporter of those people chasing their dreams (also a gift and a curse because the support and loyalty is rarely reciprocated). I'm very territorial when it comes to my personal belongings and my loved ones... I'm educated and what not but I will still pull up on you lol. Unfortunately, I'm a control freak, I see a vision and I map it out exactly how it should go, and when it doesn't go as planned, I fall a p a r t (thanks mom). All in all, I'm me... and for the most part I've always stayed true to that. I've lost myself, found me, & lost myself again. Nevertheless, I'm still Bee Tha Bawse. I doubt that will ever change.

Things I love the MOST...


  • I love my family, although none of us are perfect, God equipped me with a family full of fighters; specifically fighters to fight for me in all aspects of life. I'm lucky enough have some of the greatest friends who have become family over the years. I love being a nurse, specifically a NICU nurse. . . It truly encompasses who I am and part of my purpose in life. I love being loved and learning new ways to love everyday. My favorite new way to love is unconditionally. I mean how can you expect unconditional love and not have it to give? I love leaving a positive mark on people I meet, even if only for a moment. Most importantly (and what took the longest) I LOVE ME.


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